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I needed something that would provide me serenity, tranquility and equilibrium… Maqui was my salvation.


"I'm very happy to have this amazing product in our offices,  highly recommend. Thanks for your services" 

(Camilo Chaparro, HRX Glass Cabinet Doors)

It was love at first sight since I saw Maqui in a veterinary, I desperately wanted to have it, it made me so happy.


"I think this machine is perfect for my store...I will refer your people also. Bring a few brochures and business cards because when ppl ask me about the smell I can refer them to buy from you
I’m sure people will ask me or comment how good it smells and I will tell them!" 

(Pamela, Koukla Kouture)

I bougth a maqui with one fragrance and it really change the experience in my house, this little machine make my place smell delicious and is really cute!!

Pablo Botero