Unconventional - Puro Sentido
Unconventional - Puro Sentido
Unconventional - Puro Sentido
Inspired by: Jean Paul Gaultier

Unconventional - Puro Sentido

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Unconventional fragrance is produced at the highest quality standards in USA. At PuroSentido by: Scentrade we strive on each aromatic detail of our fragrances, as they are paraben and animal cruelty free and do not contain GMOs.
With the Unconventional fragrance you will perceive a stylish mix of oriental-arboraceous and fruity-floral tones. It will fill every space with charm and freshness to feel as in the place of your dreams.
If you already own an Aroma Diffuser you will be able to use it with our fragrance as it is apropriate for any type of ultrasonic, cold air, oil or fragrance diffuser. With just a few drops in your diffuser you will notice inmediately the relaxing and exclusive aroma of our fragrances.


About this item:


  • Manufactured in USA to the highest quality standards, its aroma provokes a stylish trail of oriental-arboraceous and fruity-floral lines.
  • With just a few drops you will notice inmediatly the relaxing and exclusive aroma of the Enlightenment fragrance, which will fill your entire space with elegance, creating a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.
  • Our Unconventional (Jean Paul Gautiere) fragrance is free of parabens and animal cruelty. Vegan and does not contain GMOs
  • PuroSentido By: Scentrade. We are a brand that works day-to-day in developing the best scent products for your home. We are artisans in the development of our aroma products, we are passionate about recreating every aroma of the world, so that you can enjoy and explore your prefered scents at your home.
  • Unconventional fragrance is appropriate for any cold air or ultrasonic oil aroma diffuser, to create the ideal atmosphere in your favourite places.
  • Fragrance Notes: Tunisian musk, italian mandarin, star anise, coriander and bergamot, are blended with fresh nard, night jazmin flower, strong ginger, ylang ylang, brilliant carnation, bulgarian rose and earthy Iris.


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